The “REPUTATION’ system!?!?

Hey guys, Today we talk about the reputation system and what its like.

The reputation system. What it ‘is’ is mostly in its name, its a reputation system, how does it work?

When handing in quests or making decisions in the game your reputation with people can change on the smallest things. Its not just based on what you chose to say to them but how well you did or how badly you did at something, if you helped them properly you might get a better reward or if you did a lousy job just doing something in time they might just tell you to get lost. It could be based on how you treat the poor in the city once you work through it. Do you brush them off? Give them money? Give them food or recruit them for work to help you fight?

All this is possible but only possible if you play things the right way. If you end up upsetting someone that has a good reputation with poor folk or general towns folk your reputation will drop with the person you upset and the towns folk.

All allies and enemy’s you make change how your game ends. With the full system based around the story to assist it to be best for you this would be something to not overlook when playing!

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