The Game

 Nature’s Wanderer

A open world / Survival / Adventure / RPG. What is special about this game you ask? We will have no magic in the game it is based on player skill and the different professions, the player has to work around a reputation system that will decide how much gold he makes form quests based on how well he did something or who he decided to help in the quest or how much was destroyed while guarding something, you will also have to choose which side of this world you believe is correct, the Philanthians who strive for freedom and righteousness but are conquers and work in the shadows or the Donsmoke who do anything they want while torturing people but also trying to take back their home land!


A world drowned in darkness, kingdoms lie in ruin, while others prosper from evil deeds. Where experimentation has gone very very wrong and created even darker abominations. The woods are thick the desert empty. It needs help. That is where you come in, the Wanderer. Will you make this land a wonder, will you drag it down even deeper or will you work for yourself while you survive this nightmare?

Craft your way to the top, make potions that will murder or heal! Mine and gather the toughest materials for the toughest armour. Hunt the rare and mythical creatures that lurk in the world. Cook magnificent meals to survive or just buy take outs… Treat yourself to some outdoor camping with your player built tents and equipment. Become a hero of the people by helping them. Become the wanted man by harming them. Purchase kingdoms and rule over your people, be just or be the tyrant. Much more awaits you, in Nature’s Wanderer!

Nature's Wanderer